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Being an end user of point-of-sale software in predominantly retail businesses since the late 80's, I've pushed most reporting software to their limit.   I've really enjoying personalizing reporting to suit my particular needs and that of the businesses I've managed, and get a real kick out of automating reporting to streamline activities within a business, thereby increasing productivity, especially with inventory management. 

​One sticking point has always been the different levels of computer literacy within a workplace  I've often needed simple one-click solutions to suit a variety of computer literacies.  All the reporting with the RYODATA software is very easy to use.  Another barrier has been the tremendous cost of upgrading to bigger, more complex applications and often the hardware to match, when often the only real need is the reporting capabilities of the more complex software.  The RYODATA software substitutes for these more expensive applications when its the reporting that's the primary focus.

I’ve also found that reports in other applications are often only just "OK", not to the level of detail or formatted in a way that has suited my particular needs.  Nor in a fashion that suits suppliers or customers.  The reports within the RYODATA software can be further customised with company logo's, images etc. to produce printouts such as professional company price books from in-house laser printers, saving the cost of expensive print runs which are often out of date the day they are printed.  

Complex sales reports are achievable and the detail required in them from businesses to both their customers and suppliers can be reproduced to cover almost every need.  The use of Flags, Custom Fields and Custom Lists within the MYOB accounting software allows an enormous amount of flexibility for reporting.  This capability makes MYOB a standout application and a very powerful primary database, especially for inventory based businesses.  

The best solution I’ve found is linking my existing MYOB AccountRight files to an industry standard reporting database program (in this case I use MS Access 2016) and this is the backbone of RYODATA.  It's allowed me to report from a wide variety of accounting files and produce professional reports in a wide variety of formats that have met my needs extremely well.  It’s versatility allows a virtual endless array of reports and I'd be pleased to be able to work with other businesses to improve their efficiencies with this tool.

"Your data already exists, unleashing it to improve your business is my ambition."

Gregory Perry

B. Pharm.