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Anomalies and KPI Reports

These reports expose many anomalies  within your data to maintain its integrity, along with areas for improvement.  Reports can also be written to show data specific for your particular needs. Just ask us.


Every business is different, every manager or senior staff wants information displayed differently and this is generally possible.  For instance, you could have a summary report such as the "KPI Markers, KPI's" below that included KPI's specifically written for your business to become a daily alert of tasks needing addressing or warnings of low stocks, high stocks, outstanding debtors etc.


If you like, download the RYODATA Full Suite and test the software on your datafile now.  There is no obligation to buy, no credit cards are taken, just a trial.

All items that are on current supplier orders.  Consider if the actua lorder has been sent to the supplier or is just sitting there un-actioned?  Should the supplier be phoned to determine if the order was received?

Items on Supplier Orders

All items that are on unfilled customer orders. These may not be on supplier orders or haven't been manufactured.  Should they be actioned today?  

Items on Customer Orders

Exposes items in the database that are marked as inactive, yet there is either stock on hand, or they are on a supplier order to fill.  Action needed.

Inactive Items with Stock

Identifies items where the GST Calculation is based on Base Retail Price and not the ACTUAL Selling Price. This can lead to inaccurate GST calculations especially when discounts are applied at retail level.

GST Calculation

List of all the supplier orders that exist.  Sort by date ascending to identify those orders that may not have been sent or received by supplier. Is there something else to be considered?

Supplier Item Orders that are Open.

One page lists of some important "KPI's" and areas that need attention. Ideal for daily printing as a record, or creating a to-do list for action.

Key Markers, KPI's

These items have a negative stock on hand.  Takes into consideration items that may be on customer orders and not ordered from supplier.  Action needed.

Items with Negative Quantity Available

These items have a positive stock on hand.  They are also on existing customer orders.  There may be enough stock to fill the order or part order.

Items that can be released from BackOrders

A list of all quotes that have been given to customers and are retained on file.  Try sorting by date. (This report is only available from data in the .myo format.

Outstanding Quotes given to customers

These reporting tools will find anomalies withing your datafile.  They can be designed to suit your needs with custom reporting.  The one page "Key Markers,KPI's" report is a great snapshop for inventory management.