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Inventory Reports

Key information about each inventory item.  This can be filtered by supplier.  Can print for each inventory item for a hard copy record.

Item Inventory Fields

Use this form when adding new items to your inventory

Item Inventory Template for Data Entry

Having a hard copy of your inventory items is a great backup for a business.  It is a record of all data in the editable fields within the MYOB inventory database, the consequences of retail pricing on margins, along with current quantities on hand, on orders and therefore available.  When the RYODATA database is updated from the live MYOB AccountRight datafile, a printout of the inventory items on file represents an accurate readable snapshot of inventory.  The program lets you print out individual sku’s, items by supplier, or all items.

Comparing selling prices, and hence their achieved margins of similar goods exposes anomalies in pricing which can be easily rectified as all current data appears on the one page.  You can also use these printouts when applying price changes from suppliers or your own manufacture.

Glaring errors and omissions in custom lists, custom fields and income and expense accounts will also stand out.

The item inventory template is a great tool when adding new items to inventory.  All information about an item can appear on a single page for data entry.  Simply print out a template, fill in the appropriate information with a pen, then have a staff member enter it into the database.  You then have a hard copy of the original data.  

A good database needs to be accurate at all times to maximise sales, margins and to minimise costs.  Errors cost money and these tools make the maintenance of the database's integrity much easier.