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Stock Valuation Reports

This contains ItemCode, Item name either short or long and current Stock on Hand quantity PLUS quantities on customer and supplier order, and hence the total Stock value

Inventory Valuation - (Can be filtered by Supplier)

The inventory valuation report compares the inventory valuations calculated three different ways.

The first is by multiplying the tax exclusive last unit price (recorded on file) by the quantity on hand.  This takes no account of “first in first out” pricing but is closer to a replacement value.

The second method calculates a value based on the standard unit cost (recorded on file) by the quantity on hand.

The third valuation is the value on hand which is recorded in the MYOB AccountRight datafile. 

As you can see in the example in the report, there are variations in the total values recorded by the three different methods.  Small variations could be put down to changes in wholesale pricing over time, but more importantly, large variations if they occurred may be representative of poorly entered data which needs addressing.  Simply retrieve the history of the effected sku’s and look for the errors.


Doing this report from time to time may keep you on top of possible anomalies well before they have a material effect of other reporting.